Shine As You Life Coaching with Beth

Feeling stuck in your life?
Have a problem or issue that you can’t quite understand?
Want to create the future of your dreams but don’t where you start?

Start working with Beth as your life coach so you can discover the answers to your questions, clear up the fog happening in your brain, create direction and focus in your life and start Shining As You!

Beth identifies clearly and objectively your strengths and opportunities, hang-ups and what’s holding you back. Each week, you walk away with specific action steps which Beth will hold you accountable to so you can begin to experience real life changes.

Schedule your first conversation with Beth, which is free, to discover how hiring a life coach can help and to learn more about the process.

If you decide to move forward, in the world of transparency, the cost would be $600 for a 4-week session. We can meet weekly or bi-weekly based on individual need.

Let’s start today building your future life by changing your present one. One day at a time.