You can change your life. Starting today.

I want to help.

You hold the keys to unlocking your best self and the life you dream of. Let’s work together to discover and uncover the life you want to be living every day and create a plan to make it happen!

“Life is not meant to be tolerated; it is meant to be lived.”

Beth LeFevre, 24 Hours to More

Intuitive Life Coaching

Beth is a certified intuitive life coach to help you work through a challenge or struggle that you’re facing. Talking with Beth helps you gain clarity, build action steps and provides the accountability to make the positive changes you want to experience.

Let’s work together to uncover what’s holding you back, deep-dive into what’s happening in your world, and rediscover your inner passions and purpose.

Psychic Medium Readings

Beth offers psychic medium readings to connect with your loved ones and spirit guides for a unique experience talking with the “other side” and gaining invaluable perspectives.

Our spirit guides are here to help guide us in our daily journey and connecting with them is a great way to have a positive impact on your life. Find out the messages spirit has for you!


Speaker & Podcast Guest

Need a motivational speaker for an upcoming meeting or conference? I’m your person. I would love to share with your group how to live your life 24 hours at a time, being more mindful, present, introspective and joyful.

“Stop giving yourself the out. Give yourself the in. Get into your life.”

Beth LeFevre, 24 Hours to More